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After purchasing your reading, fill out the form below with your birth information and/or questions and specific concerns to be addressed.

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If purchasing a Solar Return Reading, please provide your location (City, State, Country) on the date of your most recent (or upcoming) birthday.


Tarot readings are delivered to your inbox via a private video link. Astrology readings are delivered via pdf.

(Current wait: Tarot - 8 days / Astrology - 20 days)

For astrology readings, please provide birth information via the form below. Email HelloHellaWitchy@gmail.com with any additional questions.


The tarot and astrology readings below describe the mythological currents and astrological energies currently lighting up in the querent’s life. Go with the one you feel most drawn to, or feel free to email hellohellawitchy@gmail.com with any questions!


Tarot + Astrology Reading

A 10-card life direction tarot reading, plus an astrological reading focused on the major energies effecting the querent's chart over the next three to twelve months. -- $155

TAROT - Life Direction Reading

Life Direction Reading

(10 card “Celtic Cross”) - This reading overviews your current life direction, offering avenues to consider for breaking through challenges and aligning with your deeper purpose.  Up to three specific questions can be addressed in conjunction with this reading, for which additional cards may be drawn. — $88

TAROT - Mythological Themes

Mythological Themes Reading

(6 card “Cascade”) This reading provides a picture of the major mythological themes running through the querent’s life, using the imagery of the Heroine/Hero’s Journey. This is the perfect introductory reading, and also makes a great gift! — $44

ASTROLOGY - Birth Chart

Birth Chart Reading

An overview of the major energetic signatures in the querent’s birth chart. -- $125

ASTROLOGY - Solar Return

Solar Return Astro-Reading

This two-page report is a great birthday gift for yourself or someone you love!  The solar return chart provides a snapshot of specific yearly planetary energies at the moment the Sun reaches the exact point where it was at the time of birth, illuminating the life areas (career, home, finances, spirituality, etc.) where new energies can be best utilized for positive results over the coming solar year. -- $88


The readings below dive into the deeper energies at play in the querant’s journey, a great jumping off point for internal, transformational work. A resources page is coming soon that will refer querants to specialized therapists and practitioners who can aid in these deeper processes.

Outer Planets 2019

ASTROLOGY: Outer Planets 2019 and Beyond

The transits of the outer planets in the chart offer long-term insights into the mythological themes playing out over the course of this year and the next seven years to come. Jupiter beams positivity and expansion; Pluto enacts transformation; Uranus bring sudden change and unpredictability; Saturn helps to build and structure for sustainability.

This two-page report identifies which areas of life these big energies are effecting, and offers practical advice on how to use the energies constructively for positive results and unfoldment! — $88